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Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) is an innovative dance center and a leader in the field of performing arts and new technology, operating simultaneously on a community level. MASH showcases a unique multicultural and diverse, interdisciplinary scene rooted in Israel and the world.

Each year MASH commissions and produces original content from the independent dance scene. In addition MASH hosts residency exchange programs, over 100 dance shows, and public events throughout the year. The center organizes its annual anchor event, the Jerusalem International Dance Week, which includes a showcase event exhibiting selected Israeli productions to prominent dance managers from around the world, as well as an international choreography competition. MASH also actively promotes artistic collaborations and working relationships with fellow dance houses and festivals globally.

תמונת צוות

MASH has developed an innovative technological platform for filming, creating, and viewing dance performances in a 360 VR format. It stands at the forefront of the fusion of art and innovation in the field of stage video. Editing and projection of dance works in the VR library are presented in an interactive, immersive, and sustainable way with the assistance of VR headsets both in Israel and worldwide.

To access the MASH Dance House website, click here.

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