HaParsa Center for Performing Arts New Center for upcoming artists, built and created along the Mesila Park, 2 HaParsa Street, formally the Rav Chen Cinema.
A tour at HaParsa

A tour at HaParsa

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After five years during which Rav Chen Cinema stood abandoned, three Jerusalem culture centers joined forces with Rami Levy in order to form a creative home for artists and city residents.   
Seven studios and performance halls are home to Machol Shalem Dance House, Hazira  and Between Heaven and Earth.

The lobby of the complex has a beautiful skylight and the area will be transformed into a green patio where artists and community members can gather and share ideas. 

The new center invites a wide and diverse audience to enjoy young, innovative and vibrant content in the fields of theater, dance, performance, music and visual arts for the benefit of all culture-lovers in the city and as part of an aspiration to engage with multicultural populations. The creative communities in Jerusalem and the surrounding area will have a variety of spaces available, including rehearsal rooms, equipped concert halls, changing rooms and bathrooms, the patio as a cultural space and community meeting place, lighting equipment, sound, projection, photography and documentation, library and meeting rooms.

The space will be operated gradually according to existing principles and preservation of the environment. Alongside all this, the three organizations will offer, individually and in collaboration, artistic accompaniment, artist residency programs, extensive production projects that take place throughout the year, record events, festivals and hosting of young Jerusalem cultural bodies from around the country and abroad.   
The renovation of the center was done thanks to the Jerusalem Municipality and the Eden Company.


The Launch of HaParsa Complex, September 2020:
אירוע השקת מתחם הפרסה  HaParsa Center- Launch Event

אירוע השקת מתחם הפרסה HaParsa Center- Launch Event

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