Efrat Rubin

Efrat Rubin

Photo by: Efrat Mazor

During the pitch I will present some of my work and my journey as an artist. For the past years I have been developing my work as a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist. I have been combining choreography with painting, animation, video installation and films in various ways. I will also present masks in AR (Augmented Reality) I made for my dance piece and explain about the process of making them. finally, I will describe my recent interest in technology, specifically in AR, social network and robots. I will show parts of my upcoming work as a collaboration with Iris Mualem and Uri Levinson, using led screens which moves with robotic tripods and series paintings I made during the coronavirus crisis. 

Links to the filters of the AR masks: 

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Born 1977. Choreographer, dancer, painter and interdisciplinary artist. Won the Ministry of Culture Award for her work as a choreographer in 2014, Israel. Danced and specialized in choreography at P.A.R.T.S – Performing Arts Research and Training (Studio) in Brussels, studio of the Belgian company ROSAS. Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, in the department of Visual Communication Studies. Holds a B.Des in Design. Worked independently for the past seven teen years as a choreographer, fine artist and performer in different festivals, in various formats.