Dana Ruttenberg

Dana Ruttenberg

Photo by: Zohar Ralt

As part of my research to re-think the ways in which dance is created and performed and expand its reach through new dialogues with its audience, I created Naba 2.0, a unique interactive dance work that takes place in a museum setting and allows audiences to choose their own soundtrack for the work. Led by 4 "museum guards" (performers), the work travels through the museum and each chapter offers different tracks which alter the way the viewers experience the choreography, the artworks and the architecture which surrounds them. The work re-adapts to every new museum/gallery and exhibition it showcases in, and can be adapted to young and mature audiences alike. My pitching session will discuss the possibilities laid out in this unique work, and how it might work for various venues and festivals.


Israeli born dancer, choreographer and curator. She holds a B.A. in Dance from Columbia University and an MFA in Dance from Hollins University. As artistic director of her NY based dance troupe between 2000-2003, The Red Hill Project, she has created works that showcased at various venues across the US and Canada. Since her return to Israel in 2003, she has become one of the leading voices of contemporary dance in Israel, creating and presenting work internationally. Ruttenberg is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of dance as an art form through multi-disciplinary, interactive and innovative artistic explorations. She is the founder and artistic director of Project 48 Dance, now in its 7th year. Together with director Oren Shkedy she creates internationally acclaimed dance films and video art. She is the artistic director of the dance residency program at Stage Center and is the co-Artistic Director of Curtain Up Festival 2020. Ruttenberg serves on faculty at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She is the winner of the Minister of Culture Award and the Rosenblum Award for Promising Young Artist. more info at: www.drdg.co.il and