Photo by: Nimrod Avigal


To the territory.
To the body.
To the heart.
To the anus.
To the private.
To the space.
Through the pain.
Toward the softness.

A dance film by Gilad Jerusalmy.

Gilad Jerusalmy, an independent dancer and creator for stage and media. Gilad has worked with a number of choreographers in Israel and internationally including: Emanuel Gat, Mor Shani, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Dana Ruttenberg, Ronit Ziv, Rachel Erdos, Sharona Florsheim, Sebastian Zuber and others. His works for the stage – “EARTH (female)” – a duet for two male dancers, “Separation Pangs” - A duet for a Child and his Mother and “Pil-Pilon” - A solo for a grown man and his doll, premiered in the years 2017-2019. Nowadays Gilad dances at Emanuel Gat Dance company (France), Gives contemporary dance workshops and creates his own works for different academies and young companies in Israel. In the past years Gilad established and coordinated movement classes for LGBTQ youth in risk, in collaboration with “Hakvutza” - Dance School and “Beit Dror” - an emergency center for LGBTQ youth in Israel.

Gilad Jerusalmy

Photo by: Eran Evan


HaParsa - Center for Performing Arts 

3 HaParsa Street,

Jerusalem, IL

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