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Ugate Sooraj - Jota Karloza
Hey Furtila (hey Perky) - Miss Clo

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Photo by: Dietrich Steinmetz


Dance: Giacomo Todeschi and Pablo Girolami

‘’Manbuhsa’’ was created by imagining two kids playing in an asian rice field.
Fueled by a fascination for foreign civilizations and inspired by the music’s rhythms, a relation is built between the dancers. Through movements, one invites the other to discover his natural instinct and vibrations that will guide them in their journey.
The first Image that was researched was an urban exodus. A city train packed with people who are leaving the city to go back to where they are from. I explored the feeling of insecurity and being caged from the negativity of the urbanisation. From this struggle, I develop a sensation of trust that leads to an educational relation, a self-reflection or discovery. As fear and skepticism slowly gets out of the way, a path of freedom, excitement and desire is opening for exploration.

Pablo Girolami

Pablo Girolami

Pablo Girolami born on the 22.04.1994 in Neuchâtel (CH), is Italian and Spanish. He studies at the Dance Academy Zürich. In 2014, he joins the Hessisches Staatsballett and in 2018 he dances with Spellbound Contemporary Ballet. In 2018, he creates “I see you over there” for the Hessisches Staatsballett and ‘’Mose3’’ in collaboration with DeDa Production and Café Klatsch. Currently, he is working as a freelance choreographer and artistic director of his company : IVONA. Since 2019, he creates various pieces for company and schools such as EgriBianco Danza, TheLabCollective, TanzWerk101 Zürich.
 In 2019, he creates ‘’Manbuhsa’’ with which he won the Premio Twain_DirezioniAltre2019 and the audience award in the CortoinDanza 2019 as well as the 33. Madrid choreography competition. ‘’Manbuhsa’’ is also selected for the Anticorpi XL Platform and the Spanish network Redacielabierto.

In these times of isolation, we at MASH view our alternative Dance Week platform as an opportunity to continue establishing connections across borders and cultivating spaces for collaboration between Jerusalem dance artists and those abroad. Due to the postponement of the Jerusalem International Choreography Competition 2020, we chose to pair each artist that was selected to participate in the competition with a Jerusalem dance artist, initiating a partnership that we hope will come to fruition when they meet next year in Jerusalem. 

Eyal Nahum

Eyal Nahum

Eyal Nahum, Artistic Director of Jerusalem Dance Theater Company

About the Company

The Jerusalem Dance Theater Company was founded in 1985 by dancer and choreographer Tamara Mialnik who undertook to perform dance creations on subjects with educational message and values related to heritage and Judaism as well as to the international repertoire.

Between the years 2012-2016, the Company was directed by creator Lior Lev.
 Estimated and well-known creators contributed their creations for the Company, including: Yair Vardi, Eyal Dadon, Liat Weisburt, Ido Batsh, Francesca Harper and many more.

In 2017, creator and dancer Eyal Nahum was appointed and serves until today as artistic director of the Company. Eyal Nahum danced in a number of prominent Companies in Israel and around the world and created in various and well-known settings there. Eyal graduated with honors with a B.A. from the Open University and a M.A. from the Rubin Dance Academy.

The Jerusalem Dance Theater is a repertoire dance company that strives to combine the creations of contemporary artists from Israel and the world who have unique style and sayings with the aim of initiating cultural personal dialog and bringing together different audiences.

The Company is recognized as an institution for the dissemination of dance art and meets high artistic criteria such as those of the National Culture Basket Committee for Children and Youth, and gets impressive reviews by dance critics, and participates in well-known festivals in Israel and around the world.

The Artistic Concept

The Jerusalem Dance Theater and the creator Eyal Nahum combine between the works of different creators, as well as different dance techniques, with the purpose of echoing issues with a unique social and political interest for the period and location we are in.

Subjects that concern special or disadvantaged communities are given an artistic expression with a unique saying that is characterized by an original, dynamic and aesthetic personal dance language. The Company performances, on the one hand, place the Company's art in contemporary cultural affairs, and on the other hand, represent and empower disadvantaged audiences vis-à-vis accepted social norms.