11 Min

Arbol: The Sea; Origamibiro: Ada Deane; Xploding Plastix: The Coma that failed; Tim Hecker: Music for Tundra pt.1

Please enjoy the initial conversation between Juan, Marco and Ronen below


Dance: Juan Tirado, Marco di Nardo, Diego de la Rosa and Carlos Aller.

"Last Space” is a work which dives directly into the performers deepest stories in the midst of a constant flow of events. When we let the unconscious mind manifest itself, old memories and stories from the past are brought forward.
Thoughts arrive - we let them collapse and freeze, stretch and accelerate, be destroyed and rebuild.
The observer witnesses how everything unravels and merges through an unique, energetic and delicate physicality.
“Last Space” is a journey into the unconscious mind of its performers.

Frantics Dance Company

Frantics Dance Company

Frantics Dance Company - We are an experimental dance company that emerged in 2013 from the underground scene of Berlin. The founders are Carlos Aller, Marco di Nardo, Diego de la Rosa and Juan Tirado.

The physicality of Frantics consists in a deep research and merge in various disciplines Bboying, Hip-hop, improvisation techniques, Acrobatics and Contemporary dance.

Our style is a celebration of the human spirit. Of how to break through by representing on stage the underlying mechanisms that dwell inside our psyche. Our signature language is based in a deep study of musicality and characterized by rapid changes, freezes and explosive moves that we use to convey to the spectator our deepest feelings of fear, joy, melancholy, pain and pleasure

In these times of isolation, we at MASH view our alternative Dance Week platform as an opportunity to continue establishing connections across borders and cultivating spaces for collaboration between Jerusalem dance artists and those abroad. Due to the postponement of the Jerusalem International Choreography Competition 2020, we chose to pair each artist that was selected to participate in the competition with a Jerusalem dance artist, initiating a partnership that we hope will come to fruition when they meet next year in Jerusalem. 

Ronen Izhaki

Ronen Izhaki

Ronen Izhaki is a choreographer and CEO and Artistic Director of the culture association known as Between Heaven and Earth.

In his work, Ronen investigates movement and sensory processes in order to produce meaningful performances on stage that play in the space between the abstract and the concrete, and that create a physical and non-verbal narrative.

Ronen is a graduate of the Department of Movement at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and dance and holds a master's degree from the Hebrew University in collaboration with the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. He is a graduate of the Jewish culture program at the Mandel Leadership Institute.

Ronen teaches movement and dance theater courses in the movement department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. He also taught movement in the theater department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and taught as a pedagogical instructor of dance theater at the dance school at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv.

He has worked as a freelance choreographer since 2003 and his works have been performed at various festivals in Israel and abroad.

Since 2008, Ronen has been managing Between Heaven and Earth where dancers, musicians, visual artists, intellectuals, and poets work together to create contemporary art that offers a new narrative within the world of Israel discourse. The new narrative challenges the established and accepted boundaries between the sectors of Israeli society and is an opportunity for a cultural meeting point between these sectors.