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Alessandro Cortini - Basta

Please enjoy the initial conversation between Evgenie, Irad, and Danielle below

Photo by: Tatiana Yudina


Dance: Aleksei Sidelnikov & Evgenie Melentev

We greet each other. We do this every day. Just letting each other know that we're here, that we make up society... or community. Just a habit, but maybe it's a ritual. We're in this together, but maybe it's a fight. I guess it's always been that way. Loop - a turn of the spiral or is it a vicious circle, one and the same lyrics on repeat?
It is a dance that begins with itself, with its physical qualities and tasks: work with balance, inertia, speed, weight and time. This is a duet that will inevitably be read, correlated with social interaction. And somewhere between, somewhere in the middle, we accumulate emotion, we stretch through time what is really important.

Evgenie Melentev

Evgenie Melentev

Evgenie Melentev


1992 – 2000 Krasnokamskaya Children’s Art School. Choreography

2001 – 2004 Permskyi College of Art and Culture. Choreography

2005 – 2010 Moscow State Art and Cultural University. Contemporary choreography and folk dance. Choreography

From 2014 to the present day I am an active dancer and choreographer in the dance company FarFor Yo. During this period was the creation of art performances: Hennessy 250 years (Moscow), Hermes (art projects in Russia(Moscow)China(Chéngdu) France(Lille) Performances in museums in Moscow: Jewish Museum and tolerance Center, Polytechnic Museum, Gallery ikusstv and others. Work with Manuel Ronda "what are You looking at? , Bboy Storm (Niels Robitzky) "Bauhaus to playhouse" , video project with Tomislav English "Hey Darling".







2020  FINALIST 34th International Choreography Competition Hann


In these times of isolation, we at MASH view our alternative Dance Week platform as an opportunity to continue establishing connections across borders and cultivating spaces for collaboration between Jerusalem dance artists and those abroad. Due to the postponement of the Jerusalem International Choreography Competition 2020, we chose to pair each artist that was selected to participate in the competition with a Jerusalem dance artist, initiating a partnership that we hope will come to fruition when they meet next year in Jerusalem. 

Danielle Lamensdorf and Irad Avni

Danielle Lamensdorf and Irad Avni

Danielle Lamensdorf was born in 1997 in Maryland, USA. Graduated from "Ironi aleph" high school of arts and majored in visual arts and design. Between 2003 and 2015 she trained in Dina Hinkis's school of ballet and between 2014-2016 trained with Angela dance company's professional training program for dancers. Later on that year joined Angela dance company- directed by Miriam Engel, as a dancer. For the past years Danielle has been working with several israeli choreographers including Ruby Edelman, Oded Ronen, Maya Popova, Tzipi Nir, Regev Cohen and Irad Avni. as well as taking part in Batsheva dance company’s excellence yearly program and in “HASADNA” dance workshop. In addition she has created several dance pieces. Two of them are currently showing around Israel and Europe. 


Irad Avni

Choreographer and dancer

Irad was the recipient for a three year scholarship for gifted dancers of Batsheva Dance Company during his last years of school. Irad went on to create JUST DANCE in 2018, which performed in the Habait, Improv, Gaaton and Tmuna Theater in Israel. JUST DANCE performed in these venues for a year and two months on a consistent basis. WE / OUI - Choreographed and performed by Irad at the dance series in Mazia JLM, performances at the EPOS expression festival at the Tel Aviv Museum, international premiere at the Ljubljana Dance Theater, Slovenia, and in Leipzig, Germany at the PLAY INNCOCENT festival. WE/OUI is currently performing across Israel. His last work, "NARKIS", was created as part of the 2019 Smilanski Festival and performed all over Israel. It was also accepted into the international choreography competition of Machol Shalem, Jerusalem. As a dancer he participated in several independent projects and danced in the Kolben Dance Company during the 2018-2019 season and Jerusalem Dance Theater from 2019-2020. Currently, Irad is dancing with Fresco Dance Company in Tel Aviv. Finally, Irad works in theater and television (as an actor) and currently works as a choreographer in the Tel Aviv Municipality.